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About Us


We are so very excited to be bringing our products to the US based crafters. We already fulfil 1000+ orders a month in the UK and work with the TV shopping channel Hochanda. We hope that you will enjoy the products we have to offer through our US website. We worked hard to negotiate the fastest and cheapest shipping and cannot wait to share the crafting joy with you. If there is anythign we can do, please email us at support@craftbox.co.uk


Craft Box is a set of handpicked craft supplies put together every month by me, Anna, the owner of Craft Box. Each month's Craft Box is announced by the 15th day of the month at which point Craft Boxes are available for pre-order. Each box contains 15 handpicked and handmade craft items which can be used for scrapbooking, card making, mixed media projects and jewellery making. 


The idea behind the Craft Box is to share the crafting joy by delivering a set of uniquely put together craft items and supplies to your door. I do the research, buying and packaging so that you can enjoy the latest, trendy products and hopefully, look forward to when the Craft Box lands at your doorstep. It's the kind of a box I would have loved to receive myself. Since I couldn't find a UK based craft subscription box which matched my craft style, I decided to create one.


I have been crafting since 2005 and my craft stash grew a lot over the years. One of the most enjoyable part of crafting is discovering new products and new uses for these. I spend a lot of time reviewing new releases from the key craft manufacturers and analysing craft trends. I buy a lot of the craft supplies in bulk and if I love a product, I purchase it directly from the manufacturer and add it to the Craft Box collection.

The type of products you will find in the Craft Box will always include quality brass and coloured charms, paper flowers, hand-cast or sourced resin pieces, stickers, papers and project essentials like canvases or card bases.


 Craft Box Family consists of three Craft Box boxes:



I am a mixed media artist and have been crafting since 2005. I started with a small, clear box of basic paper craft items sold in one of the discount stores. My very first handmade cards were plain and simple but I loved the process of creating them and since then my collection of art tools, embellishments, paints, stamps and papers grew very quickly! I now have a craft studio in my home where I create mixed media pieces as well as occasional cards and scrapbook pages.

I have a great passion for all things handmade especially if they have a personal meaning to the owner or the creator. I believe in positive thinking and that the success is earned not deserved. I believe in achieving goals through hard work. I believe in building meaningful relationships and being kind to people.

Sharing my passion for craft means a lot to me. It has been a dream of mine for a long time and I have finally grown to making the dream come true.