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What are decoupage rice papers

Rice papers are one of the most versatile products, truly suitable for any paper craft and lots of mixed media projects. Decoupage papers, commonly called rice papers in the craft world, gained popularity over the last 2 years as many luxury brands, particularly from Italy introduced rice paper designs and techniques. 

Here at Craft Box we have just released 39 designs of our very own rice papers which coordinate beautifully with our paper collections. Learn more about what rice papers are for and the techniques you can do with them. 

1. It's not a regular paper
Rice paper (the decoupage kind) is made of fibres visible throughout the paper. It gives the sheet a lot of strength and durability when dry whilst being very easy to tear and shape when wet. The sheets are printed on one side with fibres visible at the back. 
2. Perfect for mixed media
Using a rice paper on canvas or MDF board is one of the easiest way to create a beautiful background. With image being semi-transparent when adhered, you can even apply it onto a cracking paste and still be able to see the crackles showing through! It's a simple yet effective technique. 
3. Rice paper can handle a lot of mediums
Once the rice paper is down on the surface, you can throw pastes, sprays, textures, cracking pastes, waxes and lot of other mediums on top of it. Your rice paper will handle it!
4. The versatility

Being flexible yet durable makes the rice paper a perfect choice for decoupaging on glass, wood (think decorating wooden chests) resin but also inside of the junk journals and even on clothing, like t-shirts! All you need is a rice paper and a medium suitable to use on the specific surface.